Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Coincidence? I think not

Yesterday I had some ground beef in the freezer I needed to use and some corn tortillas.  All I could think of to make were beef enchiladas, but I needed a good recipe. I remembered 2 years ago when I did the Kelly Minter Nehemiah study in Waco she had a beef enchilada recipe in the book.  Since she likes to cook and found it worthy to include, I thought would be my best bet without having much time to look for a recipe.  I grabbed my Nehemiah study book and headed out the door since I didn't have time to make a list.  When I got to the grocery store last night I looked up the recipe in my car to see what I would need to pick up.  Then the page fell back, and do you know what was written on the back?  Kelly Minter asks you to write what God has put on your heart to do just as He moved in Nehemiah to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem.  You can see what I wrote in August/September of 2012.  Pretty cool in light of what I wrote yesterday!  I wrote the post in the morning and read my handwriting from two years ago that evening in a crazy sequence of events "help women who have lost babies, be a balm to hurting, and help the orphans/literally and those who lost parents."  Then as I started to drive the Jeremy Camp song "Walk by Faith" came on the radio, an old song that meant so much to me after we lost baby Grace.  I've always said God is into details.

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