Monday, August 25, 2014

DotMom Conference Giveaway

While we were still living in Waco, I was able to attend the dotMom conference in the Dallas area.  It was a wonderful experience, and I would love for a woman to be able to attend, my treat.  You will be encouraged through worship and speakers, and there are over 40 breakout sessions to choose from (you get to choose 4).  They cover topics from discipline to how to pack for a trip.

We are fortunate the conference this year is in the Nashville area (Hendersonville) so we do not have to travel!  And as things turned out, my husband is leading a breakout session so we were given complimentary registrations.  I had already purchased my registration, so I would like to give it to one of you!
The name has nothing to do with computers or the internet--it's just a way of saying this conference has everything to do with being a mom (instead of .com or .edu or .gov, etc.).  My favorite speakers in Dallas were Angie Smith and Priscilla Shirer, and this year the lineup includes Angie Smith, Jennie Allen, Steve and Debbie Wilson, and David Thomas (I had gone to David's breakout session and found it very helpful, so I am excited to hear him speak in the main session).  As you know, Angie Smith is the author of several books, but one familiar to readers of this blog is I Will Carry You.  She is a phenomenal speaker and challenges all of us moms.  I am thrilled to hear Jennie Allen in person, as she helped begin the If movement and is the author of several books. (our church hosted an If:Gathering event last night).  You can read all of their bios and see their books if you click the link above.
So, do these 2 things: 
1.  Click on the link above to learn about the dotMom conference
2.  Leave a comment if you are making plans to attend and would like a chance to win a conference registration.  Tell us why you would like to go!

I will announce the winner on Thursday!  My registration also includes a box lunch; the entire prize is valued at $89.  If you live in the area or can travel here, I encourage you to make plans to attend--you will be blessed, encouraged, and equipped! Hope to see you there!

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