Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Blog, and Big News

Hello all!  I have created another blog, www.momthroughallseasons.com to provide more of a magazine type atmosphere and tips as we grow along with our children.  My husband, who is a pediatrician, will also be contributing current news and updates.  I will continue to update this blog on and off, but I wanted to direct you over there if you would like to keep up with our next phase.  I am pregnant.  That sounds so strange to type, but Friday I will be 10 weeks, so it has already sunken in a little bit.  I suppose as all of you can relate, I am holding my excitement lightly until I get through the first trimester and the screening for genetic problems.  My next appointment is April 22, which seems so far away.  As you know, those can be nerve racking times as you wonder will you still hear the heartbeat?  I was so nervous at my first appointment, and it was too early to hear the heartbeat.  Then I was really nervous at the second appointment but relieved when everything was progressing as it should.  I really only want to be pregnant one more time, because I am 38 now.  I will keep you posted how things are going, though!  Check in at the Mom Through All Seasons blog to get better updates, product reviews, recipes, and medical tips!

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